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Lee atrapó los ojos de las personas con su altura, aspecto encantador, así como sus habilidades actorales naturales.En septiembre 2011, Lee apareció en High Kick 3: The Revenge of the Short Legged en la que interpretó el personaje de An Jong Seok.I am inspired with your life....u r a wonderful singer and natural actor. With lots of love ...nilakhi oppa you are good actor and a singer . So there you have it, more evidence that the Dot S costars were in Bali together, and honestly they would save themselves headache at this point just to admit it and tell everyone to F-off.It’s unfortunate the Song Hye Kyo gets flack for dating a few of her costars so far, I think she has every right to date as many guys or costars as she wants and good for her!2010-2012: Comienzos de su carrera como Actor En 2010, Lee hizo su debut oficial como actor en la serie de televisión de Corea del Sur titulado Prosecutor Princess.

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This weekend Section TV aired part two of the so-called expose that the hit drama stars are indeed secretly dating, this time with a phone interview with a huge Song Joong Ki fan that camped out for three days at the Bali airport once she heard he was in town. Although I always liked him as an actor, I absolutely loved him in this drama. Done :) My review of #On The Way To The Airport : Well, they finally made it for their own sake... He lost weight and became slimmer so he looked younger. There was lack of chemistry between no ra and hyun auk. Sometimes writers make the heroine too clueless and it ruins for storyline. I too have act and produced and to find the balance between them is a great strigthn of yours. Haha I did skip back and forth between episodes because i watched it on netflex and often found myself wanting to know whats what ahead of time. It was done with great sensitivity as this drama deals with real life dilemmas. Personally, I was a bit scared for Soo Ah and Do Woo, knowing what they were going through in their respective marriages and what would happen next. Lee Sang Yoon looked better here than in Goddess of Fire and Twenty Again. Antes de debutar como actor, él se preparó para debutar como miembro de un grupo ídol.Afirmó que se preparó como miembro del grupo ídol durante tres meses y había firmado con la agencia, ya que dijo que le ayudaría a actuar, pero .