Ehcache pre invalidating space

But before every query (HQL or native) the session is flushed so the db and the session are in sync prior to executing the query, hence the 1st level cache is consistent before issuing a new select.A whole region would get invalidated, not the whole second level cache. Except as expressly permitted in your license agreement or allowed by law, you may not use, copy, reproduce, translate, broadcast, modify, license, transmit, distribute, exhibit, perform, publish, or display any part, in any form, or by any means. Primary Author: Amandeep Bhatti, Mourya Pantham Contributors: Nathan Young This software and related documentation are provided under a license agreement containing restrictions on use and disclosure and are protected by intellectual property laws.A computer-implemented method and system can support a tiered cache, which includes a first cache and a second cache. Performance gains can be also achieved by sharing such cached objects across threads in a process, processes, and potentially across processes spread over multiple machines.The first cache operates to receive a request to at least one of update and query the tiered cache; and the second cache operates to perform at least one of an updating operation and a querying operation with respect to the request via at least one of a forward strategy and a listening scheme. Coupled with this is the provision of various caching features—enhancing the cache access features such as transactions, partitioned caches and availability features such as replication.Thread pool controls, Element grouping, Remote server chaining (or clustering), failover, …) Deciding to use such a cache solution always comes with the question of the resulting complexity impact when applying ‘cache logic’ to your application.

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Using SQLQuery, Hibernate couldn't know what cache regions you might affect, but luckily you can explicitly instruct it: Recommend:java - Hibernate Caching Techniqueds : 1 write & 1 write/hr) Heavy Transactional (50 tables) - tables like tasks, history etc which are written more and read less but used by services & reports (1 read : 1 writes & 1 write/minute) I am using hibernate, struts2 & spring and This only affects the second level cache. Session) is not cleared every time you run a native query, because that would detach all your current "attached entities", having unexpected consequences in entity state expectations. It should be noted that references to “an” or “one” or “some” embodiment(s) in this disclosure are not necessarily to the same embodiment, and such references mean at least one. The invention is illustrated by way of example and not by way of limitation in the figures of the accompanying drawings in which like references indicate similar elements.Here all regions of cache means are we talking about various regions of the second level cache or both levels of cache(first level cache,second level cache) or only second level cache or only first level cache?java hibernate caching jpa orm | this question edited Nov 24 '14 at Vlad Mihalcea 33k 6 55 145 asked May 31 '14 at Beast 127 3 17 just a remark, that: execution of native query with UPDATE statement will invalidate all regions of second level cache.