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Do you remember when 468×60 was the standard banner size. I really thought that Dating was going to make it back in the late 90’s. u decided to just make a statement and say “u Date…the best matchmaking site there is! If you have any other old classic dating banners laying around taking up 20k of space on your hard drives then send them my way so I can share.

Now we have geo-flash targeted banners and large interstitial overlay banners with expandable units. Look at the girl looking at her computer with the phone in her hand. They signed a couple of bad business development deals and fell off the map. ” The first thing I did when I started at u Date was improve the banners but could never get them to change the home page away from that dreadful purple we had. I like when they started using “Go” instead of “Click Here” on their buttons for the call to action.

16 awesome quality banner template PSD files ready for your Services, products, campaigns. You can use this banners for google adwords & Adroll too. They can be purchased from fotolia and can be easily changed with the smart object. You don't want to force your visitor to watch or read something they aren't interested in. If you have your heart set on a splash screen, make sure you put a link to skip it. Try to design designated areas where text will go and other design elements will follow.Nothing is worse than having to wait 30 seconds for a movie to play. Watch your content length and images you are putting on your page. Keep you site focused on your goal and stay organized.I was just looking through some old files on my computer and came across some old online dating banners that I have collected over the years.Hope you enjoy how our industry has progress and digressed over the years.